Pedro Silva Machado
If there was an SEO Miami news channel on television we wouldn’t bother feeding people’s fears about the recession. Making catastrophic predictions about the future only generates panic and does nothing to solve the problem.

“Solve the problem?” you say, “How can SEO Miami solve the problem?”

No, SEO Miami cannot solve this problem. Nobody can, really. There is no magic wand out there waiting for somebody to wave it while spelling some incomprehensible words and, suddenly, unemployment is at 1.5% and the Dow reaches 14,000! Even if the magic wand takes the form of well spoken politicians that, regardless their political orientation, promise heaven on earth in no time at all; it’s still not going to happen! And if you decide to believe in the fairy tale by sitting, watching and doing nothing then… well, stop reading this article. SEO Miami has nothing for you.

But, if you understand what is really going on and want to prosper despite the gloomy predictions of the Fox News and MSNBC’s of this world then you are officially part of the SEO Miami family of business winners and read carefully the remaining of this article.

What is a recession? In a simplistic but very pragmatic way, a recession can be described as a sharp and sudden decrease of demand for goods and services.

Long ago, before I started SEO Miami, I went back to college to study Business Management. That’s when I learned that a sharp decrease in demand drives prices down to levels that suppliers cannot bear with and in a way that only a sharp decrease in supply can re-balance the market. This process starts automatically after a drop in demand is felt. And how does supply decrease? Suppliers either manage to significantly decrease their output capacities or simply go out of business!

At SEO Miami we believe that staying in business is a race. Imagine that when the last race started there were 100 competitors and 80 winners. Because you were successfully in business you were one of the 80! Now, with the recession, there are 80 competitors and only 50 winners.

You know that if you are part of the 50, your business will prosper as well or better than before but, how do you win this time around? Do nothing is not an option. Work harder is an illusion. Remember, there is a lot of people out there selling products or services such as yours to a lot less people. You need to be better, you need to be faster and you need reach a lot of new people. And at SEO Miami we know how to do exactly that.

You need to act fast and you need to act now. Your secret weapon is Integrated Internet Marketing because almost nobody is using it efficiently and effectively. And SEO Miami is here to tell you how it works (see next article: "Cure for the Recession"). 




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